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Courses & Workshops

Courses and workshops are open to everyone. Teaching in Finnish and English.

More information and booking via email: info(at)

Introduction to Shiatsu and meridian stretching

Time: Sat 21st - Sun 22nd January 2023 at 10am-5pm both days

Venue: Lapinlahden Lähde, Lapinlahdenpolku 8, 00180 Helsinki

Fees (incl. VAT 24%):

120 € / day, either Saturday or Sunday

210 € both days

In this course you will learn the basics of Zen Shiatsu and Makko Ho stretches, which were designed by Shizuto Masunaga in the 1960's. We'll go through a short treatment plan and you'll experience how Shiatsu can help us to relax and improve general wellbeing.

On Saturday we'll go through Makko Ho, a series of stretches working on the meridians of the body, allowing Ki energy to flow smoother and stronger. The stretches are simple and are done according to one's own flexibility, focussing on breath and relaxation. With regular practice you'll feel the effects just in a few weeks.

On Sunday we'll focus on the basics of shiatsu, e.g. pressing with palms, fingers and elbows, posture and hara, our centre. We explore how to efficiently use our bodies during a treatment while practising on each other and we'll do some partner work to develop sensitivity. You'll learn a short and simple treatment form or 'kata', which you can then use to practice on friends and family.

You can join the course for either one or both days:

Saturday 21.1.2023 @ 10-17
Sunday 22.1.2023 @ 10-17

Information and bookings: or tel. +358 (0)45 262 2911 / Mira

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