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Seiki comes from the same tradition as Shiatsu, but its method and approach to health is quite different from Shiatsu. Seiki is not "bodywork" as such, as its scope goes beyond the physical being into recognising the real person and touching this, rather than just the body.

The treatment is done on a padded mat on the floor through clothing. The practitioner works to release emotional and mental distortions that manifest in the body by observing the whole and skilfully touching the areas of distortion.

Seiki can be a deeply relaxing treatment, and with regular treatments it can also bring about profound change as one becomes more aware of their mental and physical condition and learns to let go and truly relax.

Seiki was developed by Kishi Akinobu, who had studied and practised Shiatsu for decades with the best teachers in Japan. His quest for finding the truth about human condition led him to separate from the Shiatsu tradition and follow his own path. Seiki is still relatively unknown method of self realisation, but it is now becoming more available throughout Europe.

Syvärentoutus kosketuksen avulla
What to expect in a treatment?

Seiki is done on a padded mat or futon on the floor, and you remain fully clothed during the treatment. There is no hara diagnosis like in Shiatsu, but the therapist will usually initiate the session with a bow and create a connection by holding your hand and observing your breathing.


A full body treatment lasts approximately 1 hour. There is no set 'kata' or sequence to a treatment like often in Shiatsu, but the therapist moves between different "checking points" and each treatment is unique, focussing on what is needed in this exact moment.

It is adviced to relax and let go of any thoughts and expectations during the treatment. A change can happen only when we let go of the old, unnecessary tensions and thought patterns.


•  Do not to eat heavily in the two hours prior to treatment

•  Wear loose, comfortable clothing, e.g. jogging trousers and a t-shirt

•  After treatment drink plenty of water to smooth the flow of changes through the system

•  Avoid strenuous or stressful activities after treatment

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