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Qigong & Do-In

Qigong and Do-In are both gentle, efficient forms of exercise that open and stretch the whole body. They help to balance both body and mind, and focus on relaxing and breathing. Often people say they feel lighter and more balanced after a session.

Mira has been teaching Taiji and Qigong for over 10 years. She can teach both in English and Finnish.


Bookings for private or small group tuition, indoors or outdoors or online.

Classes can be tailored to suit your needs, e.g. to improve coordination or balance, increase health and flexibility or help you relax and breathe.

Contact Mira to discuss how Qigong can help you.

Ps. Oh, so what's the difference between Qigong and Do-In? The short answer: the other one comes from China, the other from Japan!

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