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Mira Reijonen

My first contact with Shiatsu goes back nearly 20 years, when I had my first treatment. In 2005 I did a short course in Shiatsu in Helsinki, which allowed me to do simple treatments on friends and family, who enjoyed the relaxing and rhythmic massage.


Having practised different martial arts since my teens, I rediscovered Taiji in 2008. In 2010 I joined the London College of Shiatsu to become a Shiatsu practitioner. That same year I started teaching Taiji and Qi Gong and finally left my City job in 2011 to solely focus on learning Taiji and Shiatsu.


I graduated as a fully qualified Shiatsu practitioner in 2013. I am a member of Shiatsu Society UK and currently the vice chair of Shiatsu Finland ry. I attend workshops and extra training regularly to develop my skills as a practitioner. 

I'm also studying physiotherapy at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, and aim to graduate in the spring 2024.

I specialise in back pain and structural alignment issues. "Bad backs" run in my family, so I have first hand experience on how it feels, and what can be done to alleviate the pain. I believe that sometimes the body needs to be gently reminded of its power to set things right. This is the aim of my treatments – to help you reconnect your body and mind, and guide you to find balance.

  • 3 year Shiatsu therapist training 2010-2013, London College of Shiatsu (London, UK)

  • Structural Alignment 1 & 2 2013 & 2014, Devon School of Shiatsu (Totnes, UK)

  • Reflexology short course 2015 (London, UK)

  • Studied with Michael Rose 2015-2019 (London, UK)

  • Seiki practitioner diploma 2019,                      Life in Resonance (Manchester, UK)

  • The Art of Ampuku 2022, Philippe Vandenabeele (Helsinki)

  • Physiotherapy student 2021 ->

  • Previous working experience in Insurance and IT in Finland and the UK

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