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Shiatsu is a relaxing treatment that can increase vitality and may help with insomnia, stress related symptoms, headaches and muscle aches and pains.

Shiatsu is done through clothing on a futon on the floor. The practitioner uses direct and controlled pressure through  palms, fingers and elbows which relaxes the muscles and the nervous system resulting in a more supple body and mind.


Seiki has its roots in Shiatsu, but the method and effects are quite different.

The aim of Seiki is to bring about awareness of the tensions and distortions in the recipient's body and mind and through this awareness help them to let go of old unnecessary and harmful tensions and thought patterns.


I hold short Shiatsu related courses and workshops.

Want to know what Shiatsu is, or learn the basics of Shiatsu to do simple treatments on yourself or your family and friends? Check what's on!

I can also do talks and demos about Shiatsu, Qigong or Do-In for different groups - feel free to contact me to discuss more!

Qigong & Do-In

Qigong and Do-In are both   gentle, yet efficient forms of exercise. They help to open and stretch the body and balance  body and mind.

Private classes are tailored to your needs and can be held in or outdoors, or even online. I also take bookings for small groups, either at your location or a suitable space close to you.

Therapy Sessions

Seishin Shiatsu

Welcome to a relaxing Shiatsu massage in Lapinlahti!

The name Seishin reflects my approach to my practice of Shiatsu. Seishin in Japanese means spirit, mind, soul, heart or intention.

It is formed of two Kanji characters: “Sei” meaning excellent, perfect or refined, and “Shin” which translates to soul or spirit.


The concept of Seishin is connected to martial arts and what is known as “Kongfu” in Chinese: a skill that can only be attained through hard work and true devotion. It is the idea of having a good attitude and putting your all into something - so  that others can see or feel your spirit in whatever you do.

Mira Reijonen shiatsuterapeutti Helsinki
Your therapist

Mira is an experienced Shiatsu therapist:

I have been suffering from insomnia as well as some minor back and knee pains and in a few sessions I have felt the pain alleviated. After each treatment I sleep better, though the effect tends to wear off (old habits die hard), so it is good to be consistent with the treatments as with anything else.

Contrary to what I believed, the sessions have not been painful at all! The stretches are so gentle you can hardly feel them, but the effect is powerful nevertheless.

Ilkka, lecturer

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